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Why Joining GFUL Matters

In the Geelong region, local football isn't just a sport but a part of our community's heartbeat, the Geelong Football Umpires League (GFUL) has been a cornerstone since 1935. Together with AFL Barwon, we help strengthen our sport through unity. Join us, in the spirit of collaboration and mutual respect for the roles we all play in this great game.

The Role of GFUL: Beyond the Field
GFUL isn't just an organisation; it's a community committed to the welfare and development of umpires. For well over 80 years, we've stood for the interests of umpires, ensuring that your perspectives are heard and valued. In partnership with AFL Barwon, we aim to provide a supportive and enriching environment for all umpires.

A Community of Support and Growth:
Joining GFUL means more than membership; it means becoming part of a family that supports your growth on and off the field. We're here to provide training, education, community, friendship and welfare, including mental health and resilience. It's about your total well-being and enjoyment in your umpiring journey.

Our Home: A Proud Facility for All:
GFUL is proud of our facilities that serve as a second home for our members—a place for training, learning, and building friendships. Located within the heart of the Kardinia Park precinct it offers a unique home for our umpires. Your involvement helps us maintain these facilities, ensuring they meet the needs of our umpires for years to come.

Recognition and Celebration:
We believe in recognising the hard work and dedication of our umpires. Through various forms of recognition, including awards nights and social events and media, we celebrate your contributions to our sport. It's important to us that umpires feel valued and appreciated.

An Independent Voice in Harmony:
While GFUL acts as an independent advocate for umpires, we seek to work closely with the game administrators on important issues. This partnership enables us to better support our umpires in areas like coaching, compensation, and other challenges. Our goal is to work together for the benefit of all involved in the sport.

So why:
As we look to the future, your participation in the GFUL is vital for building a supportive, inclusive, umpiring community. Together with AFL Barwon, we're committed to fostering a positive environment for umpiring in the Geelong region. Joining GFUL is a step toward strengthening our sport for everyone involved. Let's make a difference together. Your membership helps make this possible; without memberships, the GFUL could cease to exist.

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Saturday Night at the Rooms

  • Geelong Football Umpires League
  • 22-06-2024
  • 17:30 – 19:30

Join us after your games at the GFUL Rooms for a post-match catch up! There'll be finger food,... More Details

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